Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth
by Brenda Hendrickson CSA, LLC.

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I'm Brenda Hendrickson CSA, LLC author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth.

About the Author
Brenda Hendrickson CSA, LLC is an author, speaker, and owner of an accounting, and tax firm in Fairfield, New Jersey.

About my latest book, How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth

Yes, it’s true—anyone can become a millionaire. How to Be a Frugal Millionaire will teach you how with eight simple steps taught by Brenda Hendrickson, an accountant and tax specialist. For years, Brenda studied how her clients handled their money. She often wondered why one was a millionaire and the other was looking at financial ruin. What Brenda discovered was that most of her millionaire clients didn’t possess some magical secret. It was simple. They accumulated money by living a frugal lifestyle. You will soon learn How to Be a Frugal Millionaire through the essential steps of:

  • Turning a negative money attitude into a positive, money-making attitude
  • Making the highly effective habits of a frugal millionaire your own
  • Accumulating wealth in 23 simple ways
  • Using the frugal millionaire tips to finding your dream house
  • Implementing simple, yet powerful, retirement strategies anyone can practice
  • Conserving wealth and growing rich in 101 easy ways
  • Following the principles of wealth
  • Creating the next generation of frugal millionaires

With checklists and assessments, you will create your very own frugal millionaire action plan that will put you on the road to financial freedom today.

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